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  November 5th Noach Tom Parkhurst Birthday  
  November 12th Lech Lecha      
  November 19th Vayera      
  November 26th Chaye Sara      
  December 3rd Toldot      
  December 10th Vayetzei      
  December 17th Vayishlach      
  December 31st Vayeshev      
  January 7th Mikeitz      
  January 14th Vayigash      
  January 21st Vayechi      
  January 28th Shemos      
  February 4th Va'era      
  February 11th Bo      
  February 18th Beshalach      
  February 25th Yisro      
  March 4th Mishpatim      
  March 11th Teruma      
  March 18th Tetzave      
  March 25th Ki Tisa    
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