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Chabad House Center-The Health Club for your Mind

With all the energy you put out, isn't it time to put some back in? Naturally, you want to be physically fit. But what about your mind? Simply put - you can end up with hard muscles and a soft head. The solution? A health club for the brain. A gym in which you spar with the greatest Jewish minds in history. Such a place exists right here in Kansas City. It's called Chabad House Center of KC, providing those interested in Jewish study with a plethora of classes and their own personal Torah trainers. Find out more about yourself and your roots by contacting Chabad House Center of KC. Our doors are open and so are our minds! Chabad House Center of KC. Your mind will enjoy an incredible workout. And it will do wonders for your soul. For your personal Torah trainer, contact Rabbi Mendy Wineberg at (913) 649-4852. Fax: 649-5270 E-mail:


A full range of classes is available to the entire Jewish Community. These include Torah, Talmud, Jewish Mysticism, Women's Mitzvah classes, Lunch & Learn classes for businessmen and women and many other Jewish subjects. Chabad House Center staff and volunteers also offer classes in a one-on-one setting, Bar and Bat Mitzvah lessons, remedial tutoring in Hebrew subjects and much more. Noted scholars and lecturers are brought from out of town to speak on a variety of Jewish related topics. All this is in order to enhance the Jewish knowledge and pride of the local Jewish community. Classes are given by Rabbis Sholom and Mendy Wineberg, Blumah and Devory Wineberg as well as by other Chabad House Center volunteers.


Guest Lecturers and Speakers:
Chabad House Center brings in guest speakers and lecturers about 4 times a year, to speak on a wide variety of Jewish related topics. Some of these programs are offered to the community free of charge, while others are offered for a nominal fee to help cover the costs.


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