Teens Program


Students begin each day with bagels and cream cheese and then recite the morning prayers using the standard synagogue prayer book.


Super Jew
Summary: This series will address anti-Semitism, assimilation, lessons from the Holocaust, the chosen people, and Jewish pride. Teens will embrace their Jewish identity in a modern world.

Sticky Situations
This course will explore Judaism’s approach to morally “sticky situations” that we encounter in different areas of life—from shopping ethics to medical care dilemmas to the proper ways to helping the underprivileged. Teens will gain an appreciation for the Torah’s contemporary relevance.

Jewish Revolution
One individual can change the world! This series explores Judaism’s take on modern causes such as social justice, world peace, freedom, and the environment.



Students review the history and traditions of the Jewish holidays and then focus on the meaning of the holiday in their lives today. They enjoy crafts and occasional baking activities that enhance these lessons.

Hebrew reading & writing

This fun and exciting workbook brings script Hebrew letter writing to life!
The script workbook should only be introduced once a student is reading confidently
(Purple level and higher…)
Following the order of the Aleph Bet, the student can practice using fun pages and matching worksheets to encourage familiarity with the script letters.