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The Shul - Chabad of Leawood
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Goal:  $60,000

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It’s amazing what you can do with 2,000 square feet. You can multiply it a little over 28 times and make a football field, or you can utilize it every hour of the day to teach, inspire, and create a community. In just 2,000 square feet The Shul of Leawood shares the light and life of Judaism with others. It’s like the little Shul that could, if you may. Host a Challah Bake for 90 Jewish kids and their parents? No problem! Make space for a weekly Mommy and Me with 15 tots and their moms? Of course! A Chanukah Pajama party for 85 people, followed by a JLI course for 30 adults the next morning. A  Friday night Shabbat dinner for 70. Minyan and Shabbos Kiddush the next day. An office that becomes a classroom on demand. A classroom that becomes a Shabbos playroom. There is so much we can accomplish with 2,000 square feet - but we need your help to continue.

We need your help to finish the year in the black and bolster our activities for the coming year.

For the next 36 hours,  every single dollar YOU give to  The Shul will be Dubled by our generous matchers to help reach a total goal of $60,000 dollars!

$10,000 --> NOW multiplied = $20,000 :-)

$1,000 --> NOW multiplied = $2,000

$500 --> NOW multiplied = $1,000

$250 --> NOW multiplied = $500

$72 --> NOW multiplied = $144


Each Chabad center is 100% locally funded through generous donors like you. The Shul does not receive any national or international funding. We need your help to end the year in the black and create a solid foundation for the upcoming year. As a not-for-profit, your donation is fully tax-deductible.

The Shul welcomes all members of the Jewish community, regardless of knowledge, affiliation or membership. Our goal at the Shul is to increase your MQ (Mitzvah Quotient) by providing opportunities to learn Torah and do Mitzvot.

Please  share this message on Facebook and other social media platforms to help make a positive difference in our local Jewish community.

Senior Rabbi Mendy and Devory Wineberg
Junior Rabbi Schneur and Esty Perman,
The Shul is located at 5051 W. 134th Street, Leawood, KS 66209.


We Thank Our Recent Partners
Nathan Gorn
Allen Youngblade
Katelyn Garcia
Micheline Washington
Julie Soto
Tyler Turner
Megan Stewart