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About the Synagogue

Our Shul is warm, welcoming, open to all and a hub of activity where people of all levels of knowledge and observance can participate and feel at home. Our services are lively and inclusive and children are encouraged to participate. On Shabbat morning our service is followed by a Kiddush. Traditional Jewish values are brought to life in a joyous and non-judgmental atmosphere. Our philosophy is one of unconditional acceptance and love for every Jew while we encourage Judaism to be explored and enjoyed.

Shabbat & Holidays Service Schedule

Shacharit Services are held each Shabbat.  We follow the following schedule most Shabbats.  Major Holiday schedules may vary.  Join us for a restful day of study, prayer, food, and fellowship.
9:30 AM Chassidic Discourse with Rabbi Wineberg
10:00 AM Shacharit Services
11:15 AM Torah Reading
11:30 AM Children's Program
12:00 PM Sermon
12:15 PM Mussaf
12:45 PM Kiddush
Immediately after Kiddush Mincha

Upcoming events
Sep. 26, 2022
Join us for an outdoor family friendly Apple and Honey themed Rosh Hashanah service -- just for kids (and their parents!). We'll enjoy some fun Apple and Honey activities, hear a meaningful Rosh ...
Sep. 26, 2022
Can't make it to Shul this year? Join us at 5:30 for Rosh Hashanah Express - a 15 minute Shofar blowing and prayer service. Enjoy a piece of homemade honeycake and you'll be ready for a sweet ...
Sep. 26, 2022
Sep. 26, 2022