chabad logo.jpgChabad House Center of Kansas City

Chabad House Center of KC was founded in 1970 and is the headquarters for Chabad Lubavitch in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

Over the past 47 years Chabad House Center has earned a reputation as a first-class provider of much needed educational and social services to the community. With special emphasis on youth, Chabad House Center has developed countless innovative programs to excite and inspire Jewish youth with a sense of pride in our rich Jewish heritage.

We are known for our reaching out to all segments of the community, including individuals who by and large are not reached by other area social organizations.

Chabad House Center Rabbis work with and are on the board of the Jewish Committee on Scouting in providing chaplain services to the Boy Scouts of America. We are a member organization of Harvesters and have coordinated with Jewish Federation, Haddasah and FCS in food drives for Yachad-Jewish Community Food Pantry. Chanukah Wonderland and the Holiday Crafts Workshops are offered to all Synagogues and Temples as well as to Jewish communities throughout Kansas and Missouri. We also work extensively with the National Jewish Outreach Program in developing innovative Jewish programming for Adults.

Chabad House Center serves all Jews in the states of Kansas and Missouri with special emphasis in the Greater Kansas City Area.