A Modern Link to an Ageless Tradition


Central to Jewish life are the laws of Taharat Hamishpacha - Family Purity, of which immersion in a Mikvah is an integral part. It is these laws that sustained Jewish families through both times of turbulence and peace. It is so important, that a community is obligated to build a Mikvah before a Synagogue.

The laws of Tharat Hamishpachah are the mystical key to a heavenly marriage. Its properties are magnetic, creating an exhilarating attraction between man and woman.  Immersion in the mikvah is the essential component of a fulfilling marriage based on the Laws of Family Purity.

The mikvah is a mystical pool of rainwater that transports a person back to the very origins of spiritual purity.

Those who know its 2000-year-old secrets have mastered the foundation for a wonderful marriage.

If you are married or considering that significant step, the mikvah provides you with spiritual insurance for lifelong happiness.

Our Mikva is designed to provide women in the Greater Kansas City Jewish community with a unique and invigorating mikvah experience. It also serves as an educational resource providing tours for schools and synagogues and other interested groups.

Our Mikvah serves women in a sensitive fashion that enhances the meaning of this ritual and encourages continued participation. It enables each woman to discover the spiritual mystery in this life-fulfilling Mitzvah in a tranquil and supportive setting. Exciting women's programming centered on Mikva is provided to educate, inform, and inspire women.

Mikva Chana facility offers the best in comfort, hygiene, aesthetics, and privacy.  Our mikvah is a fully equipped mikva with all the supplies needed for preparation and immersion.  The Mikva is discreetly located and is under strict halachic supervision.

Our mikva attendants provide warm caring individual attention for everyone. Our Mikva also offers pre-marital counseling for brides and  educational programming related to Jewish family life.


The mikva is available for women every evening by reservation only. To make an appointment to use the mikva call 913-424-6111.  All information will be kept strictly confidential.

For all questions or more information please call 913-424-6111.