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    Your Level, Your Turf, Your Choice

    So the classes are all at the wrong times. Or you want to study something specific. Or you feel that the classes are on a higher level/lower level than you are. No problem! 

    Would you like to study with Rabbi or a Rebbetzin one-on-one? Let us know what you'd like to learn, when, and where, and we'll set something up!

    Call Rabbi Mendy or Rabbi Schneur at  913.227.2770  
    Email [email protected]

    Some ideas:

    • Chumash (Bible) studies - basic and in depth
    • Kabbalah
    • Talmud analysis - basic and in depth
    • Prayer
    • Tanya
    • Basic Jewish Law
    • Code of Jewish Law in text
    • Maimonides' texts
    • Jewish Philosophy
    • Anything!
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Sep. 26, 2022
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Sep. 26, 2022
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Sep. 26, 2022
Sep. 26, 2022