Ukraine Refugee Relief Fund

Thank G‑d, many families have made it out of Ukraine. Their lives have been saved but they are now homeless and lack even the most basic necessities. They traveled with the bare minimum. Passports, cash, and whatever few precious items they could pack in a small suitcase. Homes, Judaica, photos, clothing, children's toys. All that, was left behind. 

As they make their way to friendly countries, they will need our help to start their lives anew. Food, clothing for the kids, lodging, medicine. They are restarting their lives from scratch. 

Chabad in Kansas City has "adopted" a number of refugee families and will be providing them with financial assistance for all the above. These families are now in England, Germany, France, Israel, and Holland. 

All donations via this form (or any donations that specify Ukraine fund) will go in full (%100) directly to those refugee families.

Your donation will help these families resettle and begin the process of getting their lives back to normal.

Thank you in advance.